July 6, 2015

Why Thailand for your beauty destination getaway

Simple! it is cheaper and the hospitals give the most fantastic services with fully qualified Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons Thailand. Please do not get this mixed with “Cosmetic” doctors here. In Thailand, a Cosmetic Surgeons Thailand doctor is not allowed to practice any type of Plastic Surgery. They can do Botox type injections and filler, surface laser treatments, tattoo’s and scar treatments etc. but under no circumstances are they allowed to operate on a patient for major surgery whether Breast implants, liposuction or any other type of breast procedures. All our hospitals have their Overseas International accreditation’s. And have to comply with their rules and regulations.

Credit Facilities

If you need credit for your surgery Holiday just click on the “Apply for Credit at the top of this page and you find friendly service at good rates with MacCredit.

Thailand Still the Land of Smiles

We had 11 clients over in Thailand in the 6 weeks of unrest. All still had an amazing time and did not even know that anything was actually going on unless they turned on the news.
We keep in constant contact with our hospitals to let you know what is happening in Thailand. This saves you a tremendous amount of hassle and frustration on deciding if you should go when it is convenient for you to take the time off work or try to postpone till a later date. There are many destinations in Asia that advertise cheaper rates, but Thailand has one of the best records for client satisfaction. Plus All About Me Holiday Makeovers is one of the longest running Beauty Makeover companies so has more experience in arranging your requirements. Because of the volume of client inquiries, we also have our own people at each hospital who deal solely with us, so we can get answers to your questions and a doctors recommendations sent back within 1-2 days of you inquiry.

Thailand Plastic & Dental Surgeries… Are they safe??

This would be the one question we get asked the most by potential clients. EVERYONE HAS HEARD A HORROR STORY AT SOME POINT. There is a risk in any type of surgery whether for cosmetic reasons or for health reasons. It happens. I myself have actually heard more stories about”horror surgeries done here in Australia than I have heard about from overseas. The difference is; Australia has no reporting body. No-one takes responsibility for mistakes or for infections. Believe it or not there is more risk of infection in our hospitals here, than there is in our Thailand hospitals. Dental is the same. Their clinics have all the latest up-to-date equipment and technology. You can even get immediate loaded implants as long as your gums and bone are in good condition

Thailand Pioneers of Oversea Beauty Getaway destinations for Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery
Thailand was one of the first Countries to start doing Plastic surgery for overseas clients. This is why they are the best. Now there are Eastern Asian countries and lots more all over the world following their lead and setting up hospitals for these clients. BUT ARE THEY SAFE???? ARE THEY AS EXPERT IN THEIR QUALIFICATIONS as the Thailand surgeons? Thailand is known around the world for their gender changing operations. So they had the experience to start with.

All About Me Holiday Makeovers through their extensive research before starting up as Agents for Thailand hospitals have, through contacts in Thailand, been able to give our clients the best choices in available medical, dental and Plastic Surgery hospitals. Our Dental clinics have some of the best trained technicians and are fully up-to-date with all the latest in Dental care.

Plastic Surgery Versus Botox and Injections.

There is some controversy in regards to this. Yes Botox can help when you are younger and want to get rid of those fine lines that start appearing. Yes Botox has it’s place even after you have had a face lift. BUT! Botox is an ongoing expense for the rest of your life. By have a Face and especially a Neck lift done as soon as the aging starts (usually around 45 – 50 years of age) you can eliminate the chicken neck and the heavy lines that start to sag at the corner of the mouth and the jowl area. This procedure will last you years not months, and gives you a new lease of life. You can save yourself thousands of dollars in injections in a couple of years by these 2 simple procedures. Thailand doctors are not into making you look tight and scary. They like their patients to go home looking younger and fresher. Not with your skin pulled so tight that you look like a scarecrow. Thailand Plastic surgery and Cosmetic surgery is the answer to your prayers

Liposuction versus laser treatments.

There is only one way and one way only to take fat out of your body and that is by liposuction. All other treatments will dissolve fat…. but fat does not EVER leave your body unless it is cut out or suctioned out. It just sits there and then starts filling out again as you get older or eat too many of the wrong foods. With the new vaser and CoolLipo treatments there is less pain and less bruising.

Relax and Feel Gorgeous and Special
Our Beauty Desatination holiday getaways are for relaxing and having someone run around after you. Our Thailand hospitals are all for making you feel special and going home from your makeover holiday feeling fantastic. You are having major surgery whether it is just breast implants, face or body work. It is still major surgery. You must look after what the Doctor has spent hours doing in Surgery to make sure you look fantastic by the time you get home. Relax, enjoy the beauty of your surroundings and SMILE

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