July 6, 2015

Which beauty destination?

Plastic surgery whether in Thailand or here in Australia is on the increase. But with the affordable prices of surgery in Thailand, more and more satisfied clients are letting us know what a great experience they had while there. From School Teacher to Nurses, to mums of young children, to mums who, now have kids all grown up and waiting for the grandchildren to come on the scene. To women who have suffered a recent loss of partner or, want to get back in the workforce for any reason. They have all decided that, they want to feel good about their appearance and themselves before getting out into it again. It does help believe me.

Most everyone who is against you going over to Thailand for your Plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures, have never had any and are too scared to do it themselves, so need to make you worried about your decision, to make themselves feel, that they are not missing out on something. It happened to me so know how it works on your mind.

Thailand Dental Clinics

Thailand dental is also so affordable. There dental clinics have all the latest in dental care. They specialize in immediate loaded implants. A dental Getaway is even better as you have more time to go places if waiting for crowns or implants to be made. Give you about 5-6 days to get around Thailand and have look at local sights. Have Gorgeous Special spa treatments or full Thai massages. All so cheap and the best you have ever had.

The Beauty of Thailand

Thailand has many beautiful palaces and monasteries. The carvings and paintings are some of the most gorgeous you will ever see anywhere. Yes it has it’s seedy sides as well. Just like any other major City in the world. But in all the times I have been there I have never felt unsafe. It is fun and so cheap to just get a taxi for the day to take you everywere. they even carry your shopping or you. Or better still, hop on the River “taxi ferries” that zoom up and down the river all day. Just jump off where you want, then jump on the next one when ready to leave. Whole day for around 40 baht. Quite an experience.

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