July 6, 2015

Using medical tourist agents

To use or not to use an agent?

For those who visit Thailand for plastic surgery we recommend the use of an agent to help with travel and hospital arrangements. Why? There is a few compelling reasons. Good agents can help you to make the whole process smoother. They are also good sources of information. On top of that, they don’t add much to your total costs and sometimes actually can help you save money. The more complex the procedures you want to have, the more recommended an agent becomes. While we don’t recommend agents so strongly for LASIK or simpler cosmetic procedures like Botox shots, unless of course, these are to be incorporated in with other surgery we believe that agents do add value and make you feel more at ease.

What agents can do for you

Agents speak your language and can help to bridge time and cultural differences. They have experience arranging operations and know how things work in Thailand. An established agent such as All About Me Makeovers also have better access to hospital staff and administrators and can sometimes get you appointments you would not be able to get on your own. You don’t know where to get your x-rays scanned? Your agent does. You want a hotel conveniently located? Your agent knows which are close and might be able to provide you with special rates. It is also good to know someone who can help in case of trouble.
Besides all the arrangements related to your surgery, agents are usually also happy to help you with typical travel agent type work. All About Me Makeovers have a travel agency, Ackerfield & Goldberg Travel Associates who can arrange your flights if you do not want to do this yourself. The hotels we recommend have excellent rates for our clients.

Professional operators have someone who is always reachable by phone. Even if you don’t need it, it’s good to know that you have a number you can call if something unexpected happens.

How to choose a medical tourist agent?

You can find plenty of them on the Internet offering their services. We recommend to evaluate them with the following points in mind:

Talk to them, just to make sure that you speak the same language. Giving them a phone call also gives you an idea as to how reachable they are.

Are they offering you a list of hospitals and doctors or are they linked to only one facility? If they deal only with one facility, make sure that it is one of the top hospitals of the country. Bigger hospitals with proper accreditation are certified to have proper procedures in place. While a small, lesser known clinic with a surgeon you never heard of might turn out to be a great choice, it is a bigger gamble.

Does the agent provide testimonials of previous patients? All About Me Holiday Makeovers Are just such agents and we have researched specific Hospitals their Surgeons and their facilities to be able to offer you what we think are the best services, Doctors and prices in Thailand.

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