September 18, 2017

Medical Prodecures Thailand

Medical Procedures

All About Me Makeovers Plastic Surgery Thailand and Dental Care Thailand.

A NEW AGE IS ON THE MOVE All About Me Makeovers was established to fill the gap that we felt exists when electing to go overseas for Our fantastic affordable Holiday Package deals to Thailand can make your dreams a reality and set your mind at rest because we have done all the research and hard work for you.

Plastic surgery Thailand is becoming the way for a lot of us all to get a new lease on life. The stigma has been removed. We are no longer hiding the fact that we have had a “little nip and tuck.” Women and men of all ages are now realizing that we do not have to “grow old gracefully.” Not yet anyway!

Follow our 3 easy steps and you will be on your way with the minimum amount of fuss

We have strived to bring you the very best Plastic Surgery in Bangkok and Phuket Thailand surgery holiday package deals available AND to take the guess work out of:

  • Where to go for your surgery or dental holiday?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Just how good are the hospital and Doctors standards?
  • What can I expect from the results?

Our in depth research here in Australia and overseas, has led us to affiliate with several Top Class hospitals in Thailand. We realise that cost is an important factor but not at the expense of quality service and highly qualified plastic surgeons and medical staff

We at All About Me Makeovers, would like to take this opportunity to extend a welcome to you on behalf of our affiliated Hospitals and their Medical Teams in beautiful Thailand.

Having plastic, dental or elective surgery is a major step for most of us. Let us at All About Me Makeovers help make your journey for self discovery, one of the most pleasant, enjoyable and memorable you have ever undertaken.

Medical Tourism for Dental, Cosmetic and Orthopaedic Surgery in Bangkok and Phuket Thailand

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Surgery Travel Abroad

Why is health tourism in Thailand so popular and what are the benefits? Thailand is one of the world’s leading experts when it comes to cosmetic surgery, dental and medical treatments, and is favoured for its excellent healthcare facilities at highly competitive prices.

Acknowledging the dramatic rise in Medical Tourism in the region, the government of Thailand have taken a number of measures to promote its healthcare industry among international clients. Already having a well-established tourism industry, any visitors seeking Medical treatment in Thailand will be pleasantly surprised by the warm and friendly reception awaiting them in such a beautiful destination.

In the current financial climate, everyone is looking to save money in any way that they can. Medical treatment in Thailand may cost a tenth of the prices patients are faced with paying when seeking medical treatment in Australia.

All About Me Makeovers work Hand in hand with doctors and teams. Bangkok certainly has some of the world’s best medical facilities. With such fierce competition, caution is needed.

All About Me Makeovers will help you find the best medical solution for you.

Safe Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand

You will be in the safe hands of carefully selected, experienced, and internationally accredited physicians.

Stress Free

In Thailand, you receive top level professional medical treatment combined with the famous friendly Thai hospitality that leaves you relaxed and free of stress.

Reasonably Priced Medical Care

Thailand is the World’s best source of affordable medical care with exceptional health standards.

Save Time

We arrange your medical treatments to fit within a time frame of your choosing.

Discreet and Confidential

Discretion and Confidentiality is assured. Our goal is for you to return home rejuvenated after your medical vacation.

 Medical Tourism Services in Bangkok, Thailand
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  • JCI / ISO accredited hospitals
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  • Experienced board certified surgeons
  • 12 years of experience in coordinating surgery in Thailand

Medical treatments and operations are treated in JCI accredited hospitals with board certified surgeons and healthcare professionals. Trained to a high level and years of experience abroad, Diplomats of American Board of Surgery Internationally recognised certificate Fluent in English. Best practices with cutting-edge medical technologies.

Which beauty destination?

Plastic surgery whether in Thailand or here in Australia is on the increase. But with the affordable prices of surgery in Thailand, more and more satisfied clients are letting us know what a great experience they had while there. From School Teacher to Nurses, to mums of young children, to mums who, now have kids all grown up and waiting for the grandchildren to come on the scene. To women who have suffered a recent loss of partner or, want to get back in the workforce for any reason. They have all decided that, they want to feel good about their appearance and themselves before getting out into it again. It does help believe me.

Most everyone who is against you going over to Thailand for your Plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures, have never had any and are too scared to do it themselves, so need to make you worried about your decision, to make themselves feel, that they are not missing out on something. It happened to me so know how it works on your mind.

Thailand Dental Clinics  in Bangkok and Phuket

Thailand dental is also so affordable. There dental clinics have all the latest in dental care. They specialize in immediate loaded implants. A dental Getaway is even better as you have more time to go places if waiting for crowns or implants to be made. Give you about 5-6 days to get around Thailand and have look at local sights. Have Gorgeous Special spa treatments or full Thai massages. All so cheap and the best you have ever had.

The Beauty of Thailand

Thailand has many beautiful palaces and monasteries. The carvings and paintings are some of the most gorgeous you will ever see anywhere. Yes it has it’s seedy sides as well. Just like any other major City in the world. But in all the times I have been there I have never felt unsafe. It is fun and so cheap to just get a taxi for the day to take you everywere. they even carry your shopping or you. Or better still, hop on the River “taxi ferries” that zoom up and down the river all day. Just jump off where you want, then jump on the next one when ready to leave. Whole day for around 40 baht. Quite an experience.

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