September 12, 2017

Choose the Procedure That’s Right for You

Choose the Procedure That’s Right for You

Liposuction before pregnancy?

Your personal goals and body type determine what kind of breast augmentation or Breast Lift  is best for you. Sometimes, though, I find women come in for an initial consultation thinking that they need an augmentation, when in reality they could most benefit from a breast lift, or vice versa. I work with these patients carefully to ensure they understand their options as fully as possible, and hold realistic expectations for how these options can provide them with a better breast shape.

Your goal is to achieve shapely, beautiful breasts, and whether you will be best served by a breast lift, breast enlargement, or both procedures together is a discussion I will have with you during your consultation. Your procedure options depend on several factors including your current:

  • Breast size
  • Breast position
  • Breast firmness and tissue quality
  • Breast proportion – both to the other breast, and with reference to your body as a whole

Your own expectations and desires for your breasts are also extremely important. Augmentation will not improve the position of deeply sagging breasts, and a breast lift alone does not add volume. When you understand the advantages of each procedure, you can make an informed choice about what is best for you.

Breast Lift Surgery Factors

A breast lift is most helpful for women whose breast position has dropped significantly as a result of pregnancy or breastfeeding, weight loss, age, or their genetic traits. In this procedure, I remove excess skin and tissue that contribute to the sagging appearance to tighten and contour each breast. Most breast lifts also involve repositioning the nipple and areola while recontouring the breast.

Women considering breast lift surgery should understand that because this procedure removes some of the excess tissue in order to tighten and elevate each breast, some loss of breast volume may occur. The amount of loss generally depends on the degree to which your breasts will be lifted. For those women who have experienced significant sagging due to having large breasts, a smaller cup size may be a welcome relief. But if you would like to maintain or enhance your breast size after a breast lift, you may need to consider having a simultaneous augmentation as well.

When to Combine Breast Lift and Breast Enlargement

While a breast lift can provide a better breast contour, breast lift surgery alone will not enhance breast size and won’t be able to resolve dramatic breast asymmetry. In other cases, a woman who wants larger breasts also may need a breast lift, particularly because a larger breast volume will only worsen the existing breast sagging. While you certainly should do plenty of research on your own and talk with other women who have had these procedures, the best way to find out which procedure is right for you is to talk with your plastic surgeon who offers both Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift Surgery in Thailand. Your Plastic Surgeon can provide a professional recommendation to help you achieve beautifully-contoured breast.


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