July 6, 2015

About your Thailand plastic surgery getaway

As stated before…. YOU ARE HAVING MAJOR SURGERY ……. MAJOR SURGERY, SEA AND SUN DO NOT MIX. The risk of infection is too great.

If you and maybe your friends are there for just for Breast Augmentation then yes, after the first 48 hours (1 night in hospital included) you can get out and about and relax in the sun. BUT until your stitches come out you should not be in the sea or the sand. Facial procedures, tummy tucks eye surgery patients should not be out in the full sun or anywhere near sea and sand till after their doctors clearance and then only in moderation. It is major surgery and needs to be treated as such.

You are going to Thailand for your Plastic surgery makeover to be able to get more for your money and to relax and enjoy the Thailand experience. There is so much to do without having to go anywhere near the sea and sand.

You’re there to enjoy being able to go home after your Plastic surgery and have everyone saying how great you look. You have to look after yourself for at least the first 3-4 months to ensure that you did not waste your money going to Thailand for your surgery. It is the inside work the surgeon has performed that you do not see that needs to be looked after.

All About me Holiday Makeovers cannot guarantee that everything will go without a hitch, but so far we have only had 2 complaints for over 370 clients as of April 2012 We think this is a fairly good indication of how well you are looked after in Thailand hospitals and to the professionalism of the Thailand Doctors.

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